Auntie Marta's Pet Sitting Services, LLC


This is a service where Auntie Marta's Pet Sitting Services, LLC picks up your dog(s)anywhere between 8-9:30am, brings them to the owner's large yard to play and socialize with other dogs for three or more hours (weather permitting) and then drops the dog(s) back to your home. Playgroups run Monday through Friday. If interested, we will set up a time for you to bring your dog(s), assess their behavior to make sure they will fit in with the pack and proceed from there. Must see Vet Records to insure dogs are vaccinated and/or Spayed and Neutered.

If you have a dog that you think would benefit from PlayGroup contact Auntie Marta at 518-461-5540 or Uncle Pawie at 518-888-2201.

Auntie Marta's playgroup yard